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A hair trio of specialty crafted leave-in hair conditioners designed to hydrate, define, seal and soften tresses after cleansing.


Begin with a hydrating coat of golden Honey crafted to provide maximum hair hydration and increased manageability. Follow with a dose of Latte, a nutrient-rich styling cream crafted to hold and define curls. Soften styles and seal in moisture with Herbal Tea, our trio’s naturally-infused hair oil. When used together as a set, hair is left nourished, defined and protected against the elements. The Leave-in collection products may also be used separately for targeted hair needs.

Gourmet Ingredients:


Honey transforms into a natural emollient hair softener and smoother.


Olive Fruit Oil is rich in Vitamin E and powerful antioxidants that help moisturize and protect hair from damage.


Aloe Leaf Juices penetrate the hair shaft for intense moisture, promoting healthy hair growth through its richness in essential fatty acids.

How To Use:

Upon washing and cleansing hair, apply Honey with fingers, ensuring moisture reaches every strand. For defining texture, section wet hair before applying Latte.  Style as desired. Pour a few drops of Herbal Tea onto hands and coat ends of hair to seal in moisture. May be used together as a trio or separately for targeted hair needs.

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Based on 50 reviews
Initially Apprehensive

I am so pleased with the results of the leave in trio paired with the Curlmaker. So moisturizing, leaves my type 4 hair soft and shiny. I am not going to let my supply ever run out!

Oh honey!

I've been natural for 3 years. My first "Holy Grail"product was the Curl Maker. It is an amazing product. I decided to try the honey leave-in on a whim while shopping online at Target. It is THE best leave-in I've ever tried. I live in the desert (literally little to no humidity most days ). My hair is so moisturized, shiny and defined after using it with the Curl Maker. I wanted to cry. Thank you for this product. That you for all of your products. Going natural can be a complete trial, but Camille Rose, you guys make it a little better.

That Honey is a hit!

I have never been so happy with a leave in since I have been natural. I'm over joyed! The products are amazing, my favorites are the Honey Hydrate and the Herbal Tea, I don't really like the Latte. My hair feels amazingly soft even with my eco styler gel on top of the conditioners. No flakes and no crunch, just perfect definition and and pure softness!

Honey leave in.

I didn’t purchase this collection on the site. But I was on a mini scavenger hunt for a good leave in conditioner. I was watching YouTube hair bloggers and reading about products for my hair type. I have 4C natural hair and I purchased the honey hydrate at target. I was a little skeptical because of the price and how thick it was and I didn’t want it to weigh my hair down. But when I used this, I immediately fell in love. It’s like heaven in a bottle. My hair Instantly absorbed the product and my hair has never been this soft and moisturized for so long. My hair was moisturized for almost a week without me having to oil my hair before I go to bed. I’ve never purchased a Camille rose product. This leave in is my first product from this company. But now this makes me want to purchase all of the Camille rose just from this one product. Camille rose did that!!! I can only imagine what the latte define and the seal and soften is like. I would definitely be purchasing those in the near future!!!!!!!!

The best

I have had my eye on this product for a while but it was always sold out. I heard mixed reviews but I wanted to try it for myself. I have 4c hair and this is the best product that I could have used in my hair. It left my hair soft moisturized and manageable, something that I haven’t been able to fully get from any other product. my hair has always been left dry, hard and with flakes, these products are like heaven in a bottle for my hair. I did not purchase from this site but I wanted to be sure to leave a review of this product. it is awesome!!