The Lavender Collection: Herbal Infusion Growth System

The Lavender Collection: Herbal Infusion Growth System

$ 50.00
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An uplifting herbal hair collection crafted to promote healthy hair growth and length retention. 

Enjoy the rejuvenating powers of lavender oil, which promotes hair growth, heals scalp issues and tames frizz. Every product in the Lavender Collection is infused with healing plant extracts such as chamomile and mallow extract, along with silkening butters and oils to nourish and quench dry hair. Real lavender oil promotes healthy hair growth and length retention in this uplifting herbal growth system. 


Achieve healthy hair growth, moisture, and length retention with the Lavender Collection: Herbal Infusion Growth System. 

Gourmet Ingredients:

Lavender Oil promotes healthy hair growth and length retention.


Use entire Herbal Infusion Growth System to cleanse, condition, moisturize, define, and revitalize strands. 

Customer Reviews

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I am a Big user of Camille Rose Naturals products. Prior to trying the Lavender Collection I have tried 16 CRN products & this is my holy grail go to line for ALL of my natural hair products that I use in my hair. I get asked all the time what products do I use in my hair. With that said, the Lavender Collection was a huge disappointment to my hair! I do not think the collection is as moisturizing as the other CRN products in the line. CRN is known for moisturizing & hydrating products. Now, maybe the lavender oil which is the star ingredient does not agree with my hair. I still think the Lavender Collection is a Great product. My curly friend who has type 3 hair who loved this collection. I have very fine, thick, kinky-coily low porosity hair (type 4) & my hair did not like the collection as much.

They smell great and probably work wonderfully but...

I was super excited to order products from Camille rose but I'm pretty disappointed because I received a damaged package and one of the products completely leaked out. So I promptly contacted the company to see if there was anything I could do. They did not respond to any of the 3 times I attempted to reach them. Honestly I love Camille Rose but customer service will make or break a relationship for me. Luckily my staples are carried at Target.


The packaging was horrible! I opened the box to find spillage all over the box and the items! I had to wipe each one off with soap and water. There was NO bubble wrap or anything in the box! It was as if everything was just thrown in there. I wanted to try Camille Rose products for the very first time because I heard good things about their products but this incident was a turn off! I don't think I will be purchasing any more products!

Smells Wonderful

Great value for such an awesome brand!

I received two shampoos

I liked the products they were amazing. But I received two shampoos instead of the leave-in conditioner. I would like my item I paid for.