Curlaide Moisture Butter

Curlaide Moisture Butter

$ 16.00
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An oil-enriched softening hair butter with sweet notes of vanilla and macadamia, crafted to deliver intense everyday moisture.
”We aid the envy with our trend-setting, texture-filled styles.”
Love, Camille


Smoothing jojoba and macadamia oils are melted into a creamy duo of organic rice milk and botanical green tea, while slippery elm extract is hand whisked throughout for intense smoothing benefits. Droplets of aloe juice blended with nutrient-rich Vitamin C nourish and strengthen strands in this moisture-rich hair butter.

Gourmet Ingredients


Green Tea reduces inflammation with its antiseptic properties.


Jojoba Oil moisturizes strands and scalp to promote healthy hair growth.

How To Use:

Section wet hair and apply with fingers, ensuring Curlaide Moisture Butter reaches every strand. Style as usual and let hair air dry. May also be used on dry hair to moisturize ends or detangle. Great for styling twist-outs, locs and braids.

Made a huge positive impact on my hair and really limits how much product I have to put in on daily basis really using this all I need to do is mist with water daily and it refreshes!